Council Honors Longtime Fanwood Florist and Recognizes Volunteers

Fanwood Mayor Colleen Mahr presented proclamations and resolutions to several noteworthy Fanwood residents during the April 17th regular meeting of the Mayor and Council.

Dale Flowers, owner of the Scotchwood Florist flower shop in town, was honored for his many years on the Planning Board, a position from which he retired last December. Dale is also the announcer for the annual Memorial Day Parade as it makes it way past the Fanwood reviewing stand and he will repeat that role again this year.

Greg Cummings was acknowledged for his continued involvement in Fanwood’s annual Clean Community Day, held this Saturday, April 22nd. Greg has been one of the organizers of this event from the beginning, more than 20 years ago. Those interested in volunteering for this year’s event may come to the South Avenue train station lot beginning at 8:30am Saturday, April 22, and become a member of the various teams who go across town, picking up trash and recyclables. There will be giveaways and free food.

Marianne Kranz, a resident of Fanwood since 1993, was presented with a resolution for being named a Union County Woman of Excellence at the annual gala in March. Marianne was recognized for her almost 20 years as Director of Volunteers and Meals on Wheels for SAGE Eldercare in Summit, and for more than 800 hours as a volunteer on the Caring Contact crisis hotline.

April 18th, 2017|