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Deer Hunt to Be Held, Cushing Road Area, Jan. 1 to Feb. 17, 2018

The City Council of the City of Plainfield has authorized a deer management program, to be conducted in 2018 on a parcel of open space in Plainfield known locally as the Cushing Road Detention Basin.  This 31-acre forested green space is located on Block 922, Lot 10, in the eastern corner of the City, roughly bordered by Terrill Road and Cushing Road.  The subject property encompasses 31.26 acres (0.05 sq. mi.), and is in close proximity to the Township of Scotch Plains and the Borough of Fanwood. 

This program is intended to address complaints from residents about the impacts that are typical to deer overpopulation – destructive browsing of residential landscaping, a high incidence of deer-related motor vehicle accidents, fear of Lyme disease, and fecal droppings on lawn areas.

Hunting will be conducted by three hunters using crossbows.  Those hunters may hunt on any and all days of the Winter Bow Season of January 1 to February 17, except Sundays.  The hunters will only hunt from elevated positions in tree stands and will be at least 150 feet away from any residence, garage, shed or other enclosed structure. 

All hunting will conform to the requirements of the New Jersey Fish & Game Code.  The program will be administered and supervised by the County of Union, but is not part of the 2018 Union County Deer Management Program, which involves the removal of deer from seven other County and municipal parks by hunters using shotguns.

Most of the costs for the conduct of this deer management program will be borne by the individual hunters.  Some of the venison that will derive from this program will be used to feed the needy and the homeless through the Hunters Helping the Hungry program.

A postcard that alerts residents about this program will be hand-delivered to homes that border the Cushing Road Detention Basin.

Additional details and program guidelines can be found here.

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Residents looking for additional information, or who would like to comment on the program, may call Dan Bernier, Director, Division of Park Environmental Services, Union County Department of Parks and Recreation, 908-789-3682, or e-mail to deer@ucnj.org.

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