After almost 30 years of our citizens taking recyclables to our Recycling Center for sorting and sale to outside vendors, a combination of a declining market for recyclables, decreasing recycling volume and increasing taxpayer funding prompted the Borough Council to approve a shared services agreement with the Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority (PMUA) to provide curbside collection of recyclables in 2016.

pmua_logoRecycling collections are every other Thursday. Make sure your blue recycling container is at the curb the night before, but certainly no later than 6:00 AM Thursday. Residents may bring electronics, fluorescent bulbs, motor oil, clothing, damaged American flags and scrap metal to the North Avenue recycling center the first Saturday of every month, 8-11am. On the same day, the Borough also offers free mulch to any residents who are interested. THE RECYCLING CENTER IS OPEN TO FANWOOD RESIDENTS ONLY.  NON RESIDENTS WILL BE TURNED AWAY.

Questions may be addressed to our Public Works Department at (908) 322-7404, or the Mayor’s Office at (908) 322-8236.

Public Works Services 2017 (pickup schedule, recycling information, bulk waste permit application and information)
Union County Mobile Paper Shred Events, Household Hazardous Waste Collections, Scrap Metal Recycling and Computer & Electronics disposal

Most pizza boxes have recycling symbols on them and are usually made of corrugated cardboard. They are recyclable as long as they are not tarnished with food or grease. Remember, REMOVE THE TAINTED PORTIONS and recycle the clean parts of the pizza boxes along with your other cardboard waste.


Please note, our recycling partner, PUMA, does not accept Styrofoam based materials, also known as polystyrene, as a recyclable. But, there are still ways you can recycle it! Please visit for more information.

Fanwood’s recycling app, Recycle Coach

Fanwood is providing a recycling app to residents called Recycle Coach.  The goal is to make recycling more convenient for residents, while increasing participation. The mobile application can be installed for free on tablets, smartphones and computers, making information and resources available at your fingertips.

The app is customized for Fanwood and allows users to:

  • View Fanwood Public Works pickup schedules
  • View County-wide recycling centers and schedules
  • Answer questions on how best to recycle a questionable item; be it bi-weekly curbside pickup, 1st Saturday Recycling Center drop-off, special county event, Fanwood Fall Bulk Waste pickup or simply toss it in the garbage.
  • Report a problem (missed collection, damaged or missing bin, incorrect app info).
  • Communicate with PMUA, Fanwood DPW and app administrator.
  • Receive notifications of schedule changes and updates.

Mayor Colleen Mahr said, “We want to give residents every tool possible to ensure Fanwood’s curbside recycling program is successful and convenient. We hope the app will increase recycling and limit the amount of recyclables headed to the landfill so we can continue to do our part to promote a healthy planet.”

Recycle Coach is available for download through the iTunes store, the Google Play store or