Recycling Center

Fanwood-Scotch Plains Recycling Association

North Avenue and Westfield Road

Fanwood, NJ 07023



Saturday, 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

Wednesday (do-it-yourself day), 9 a.m.-1 p.m.



Alan Ebersole, Recycling Center manager (908) 889-8347

Harold Clark, Recycling Association president  (908) 889-2313

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The Fanwood Recycling Center is a model of service and efficiency. Fanwood recycles a higher percentage of solid waste than most other communities. Each year Fanwood residents and neighbors in nearby towns bring an average of some 2,500,000 pounds of household recyclables to the Center to be processed by our volunteer workers. Each of our non profit, volunteer organizations receive $300 for each day worked at the Center. The money earned enables them to continue their activities.


How do we earn funds? Who gets the money?

The Recycling Association sells its recyclables on the open market to buyers who need them for their products or services. Any excess income the Center makes after expenses is given as gifts to organizations and local agencies.  The Center has donated over $25,000 in recent years to many local organizations including:


• Fanwood Fire Department

• Fanwood Rescue Squad

• Fanwood Dept. of Public Works

• Fanwood Parks

• Fanwood TV Channel 35

• Fanwood Centennial Parade

• Downtown Revitalization Committee


More Than Just Recycling...

Local Municipal and County law enforcement agencies had no place to assign low-risk minor offenders for Community Service. The Recycling Center has been approved as a site for such offenders. The courts and agencies have expressed appreciation for the opportunity we provide for these people to pay their debts to society. These assignees give us about 250 hours per month -- 3000 hours per year.


We screen and save children's books in good condition for needy schools. For a poverty stricken school we save Campbell Soup labels under the Labels for Education" program. We screen and save bags for the Kiwanis Club annual luminary sale and for various churches or other activities for use in rummage sales, food banks, etc. Do you have a group we can help?


We conduct educational tours for students and other groups so they can learn in a practical way the virtues of recycling and its importance in protecting our environment.

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