The Zoning Officer is responsible for enforcing the Borough of Fanwood Land Use Ordinance. This chapter implements the Municipal Land Use law of the State of New Jersey within the Borough of Fanwood. The Zoning Office is located in the Building Deparmtent’s office at Fanwood Borough Hall.

75 N. Martine Avenue
Fanwood, NJ 07023
(908) 322-5244, ext. 132

Ray Sullivan, Zoning Officer


Wed & Thurs, 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM



REDEVELOPMENT PLANcurrent-revision-spring-2016-redevelopment-plan_fifth-revision

2016 Zoning Revisions to South Avenue Corridor

Residential Zoning Issues

If you plan to build an addition, including a porch, deck or want to install a fence, shed, gazebo, patio or playground equipment on your property, please stop by the Zoning Office first. Please remember, plan ahead, If a variance is required, the process could take several months.

Residential Driveways

The Zoning Office of the Borough of Fanwood has had numerous inquiries from residents regarding residential driveway zoning requirements.

A Zoning Permit shall be required for the construction of all driveway’s including improvements and expansions. The applicant shall pay a fee to the Borough for the permit.

All improvements are subject to a Zoning review. The improvement must be identified (to scale) on the current property owners survey.

Driveways may be no wider than 18 feet between the street and the property line. Flares included in the 18 feet maximum.

The balance of the driveway shall not exceed 18 feet in width or 30% of the frontage of the subject property, whichever is less, on private property, for one- and two- family dwellings.

The driveway side yard setback shall respect a minimum of 3 feet from an adjacent property line.

A driveway that is non-conforming but legally pre-existing the current zoning ordinance may be resurfaced in its current configuration, but may not be expanded further. Proof will be required that a driveway pre-existed.

This above is a summary and does not represent all of the terms of the ordinance. Please feel free to contact the zoning office at with any questions or concerns.

Commercial Industrial Zoning Issues

One of the purposes of the Borough of Fanwood Land Use Ordinance is to assist in developing, promoting and encouraging greater and more successful business and industrial activity in the Borough. The Borough will endeavor to foster a harmonious relationship between Borough officials and members of the Borough’s business and industrial community promoting an exchange of information to constructively serve the mutual interests of all.

If you are a local business owner, please contact the Zoning Officer before changing or adding to your signage. A sign permit is required.

Permit Applications and Ordinances