Elizabethtown Gas Main Replacement Updates

A representative from Elizabethtown Gas attended the Borough council meeting on March 21 to update the borough on the gas main replacement projects taking place in Fanwood this spring. One project is currently underway in the southeast quadrant including Shady Lane (pictured), Poplar Place, Clement Place, Winfield Terrace and Beech Avenue. The second, larger project will encompass most of the southwest quadrant (Belvidere Ave., Burns Way, Carsam St., Chetwood Ter., Coriell Ave., Cray Ter., Crest Ln., Helen St., Herbert Ave., MacDermott Pl., Marian Ave., Robin Rd., 2nd St., Terrill Rd., Vinton Cir.)  and is scheduled to begin in April.

The project will replace the gas main running down each street by digging a trench, then filling it back in once the main is replaced. The second phase of the project will involve installing new gas service lines to each, individual home. For most residents with indoor gas meters, this will mean your meter will be moved outside. It may also mean that part of your front lawn, sidewalk or driveway may be dug up to accomplish running the new service line. If that’s the case, Elizabethtown Gas promises to repair and replace any such digging to restore your property to the way it was before the work.

For more information or to ask questions, contact Elizabethtown Gas as follows:
· Project hotline: (866) 767-5558
· Project email: etgprojects@southernco.com
· Website: www.elizabethtowngas.com

March 23rd, 2017|