Historical Society presents “Italian Midwife” History Program


Meet New Jersey’s own Maureen Wlodarczyk who traces the ancient art of midwifery through Grazia Fucci who came to America from Italy and delivered over 400 babies in New Jersey.  Midwifery is an age-old female occupation.  In Italy during the late 1800’s, women could study to be a midwife at one of the oldest universities in the world located in Naples.  Grazia Fucci, a young woman from Benevento, Italy, graduated from such a program and set off to America.  From 1907 to the 1930’s, she delivered over 400 babies in New Jersey, most to immigrant parents.  Genealogist and author Maureen Wlodarczyk will not only tell us about Grazia, but also how she tracked down several of the babies Grazia delivered during that time, and met with them to talk about their lives and the woman who brought them into the world.

Maureen Wlodarczyk is an author, a YDNA project administrator with the Flannery Clan organization based in Dublin, Ireland and a member of the Genealogical Society of NJ, Hudson County Historical and Genealogical Society and the Irish-American Writers and Artist organization.  Maureen is a frequent speaker presenting various programs for libraries, historical societies, genealogy clubs and adult schools.  Her programs include discussion of her books and genealogy topics.  She has authored five books so far. Her first book was Past-Forward:  A Three-Decade & Three-Thousand-Mile Journey Home and her newest book is Birthless:  A Tale of Family Lost & Found.  In between all this writing, researching & speaking she has managed to squeeze in a career as a senior operations manager in commercial banking and finance, still dabbling in these days.

This “Italian Midwife” programs is presented by the Historical Society of Scotch Plains and Fanwood at their monthly meeting on April 25.  The meeting is free and open to everyone. The meeting starts at 8 p.m. on Tuesday April 25.  It is held at Scotch Hills Country Club on Plainfield Ave and Jerusalem Road in Scotch Plains.

For more information about this event, contact Connie Klock, 908-232-9489.

April 19th, 2017|