RFQ: Cleaning Services

Issue Date: November 22, 2017  | Submission Date: December 20, 2017

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Cleaning Services for Municipal Buildings

The Borough of Fanwood is seeking an experienced vendor to provide cleaning services to all municipal buildings as outlined below. Please visit the sites prior to quoting, contact Pat Hoynes at 322-8236 x 121 to schedule. Quotes shall be returned to this office by December 20, 2017

  • Term of Contract:  The term of the contract shall be from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018
  • Cleaning supplies and equipment.  Will be purchased and stored by the Vendor.  Paper supplies to be provided by Borough.
  • Sign-in. The successful bidder will sign in at each location cleaned every time it is serviced.
  • References.  Vendors shall provide a list of current cleaning clients and a list of at least three references.
  • Cleaning personnel.  The vendor will provide a list of names, addresses and copies of driver’s license or other identification documents as approved by the Police Department for each person performing the cleaning services.  No person performing cleaning services shall have been convicted of a crime.
  • Window Cleaning.  The quote shall include window cleaning at all buildings once per calendar year.  Pricing shall be listed as a separate line item, per window.
  • Holidays.  The following is a list of all holidays when Borough buildings, except the Police Department, will be closed.  The Police Department is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

New Year’s Day
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
President’s Day
Good Friday
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Columbus Day
Veteran’s Day
Thanksgiving Day
Day after Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

  • Public Works Building: The cleaning services specified shall be for all rooms except the garages.
  • Cleaning Schedule for each building to be cleaned


Scope Of Work

The work performed under this proposal consists of the furnishing of qualified, experience labor, equipment, supplies and materials necessary to properly perform the cleaning functions in the Municipal Building Complex (including Police Department, Locker Room, Administration Offices, Mayor and Council Chambers, Construction Office and Court Office,) Library, Public Works Building, Community House, Patricia M. Kuran Cultural Arts Center, LaGrande Park Recreational Building and Forest Road Park Recreational Building, connecting walkways are included.

Work Schedule

Work shall be performed five (5) days per week at a time scheduled by the Administrator.  There will be no work performed on Saturdays or Sundays unless arranged and approved by the Administrator.

Building Days Per Week Days of the Week
Administration Office 5
Police Office 5
Court Chambers 5
Carriage House 1 Fridays
Library 5
Department of Public Works 1 Wednesday
Forest Road Park 5
La Grande Park 5
Community House 1 Alternate Wednesdays


Each Building

    • The immediate walkways or steps leading to the entranceways will be inspected, swept, and garbage and debris shall be cleared.  This shall include any outside waste receptacles
    • All mats in entranceways are to be maintained in a clean fashion.  Spot or other cleaning will be accomplished as required and depending on weather conditions
    • Window sills and other horizontal surfaces will be dusted
    • Customer writing\counters will be dusted and damp cleaned
    • Special displays to be dusted
    • Glass partitions to be cleaned
    • Tops of counters (work areas) to be dusted and cleaned
    • Chair rails, divider rails, louvers, pictures, etc., within reach will be dusted.
    • Walls, doors partitions and other washable surfaces will be spot cleaned on a continuing basis to remove fingermarks and smudges.
    • All glass work within the building but excluding exterior windows, metal work and vinyl surfaces will be spot cleaned to remove fingermarks and smudges, etc.

Carpeted floors

  • All carpeted floor areas are to be vacuumed, moving light furniture, other than desks, file cabinets, etc., but including chairs, light tables, umbrella stands and temporary placard stands.
  • All carpeting to be spot cleaned on a continuing basis using standard spot removal procedures.

Resilient tile and other hard surface floors

  1. All floors, including stairways, to be dust swept with a chemically treated dust mop. They are to be maintained on a continuing basis with attention being given to spillage, as required.

Public Areas

4.1 Public areas will be thoroughly cleaned and writing surfaces damp wiped.

4.2 Cigarette urns outside entranceways will be emptied and cleaned

4.3 Water fountains, cooler and/or chillers are to be cleaned.

Trash and Waste Receptacles

    • All waste receptacles will be emptied and damp-wiped, inside and out
    • Trash from offices, restrooms, kitchen area, etc., will be removed from building following every cleaning.  Disposal is responsibility of contractor
    • All trash to be placed in dumpster at Borough Hall, Department of Public Works or in Parks
    • Plastic liners will be used for all wastebaskets and changed weekly, liners to be provided by the borough


Office Furniture

    • All office furniture will be dusted including the rungs of all chairs.
    • Telephones, desk equipment and other fixtures will be wiped clean
    • Glass topped desks, tables, etc., will be cleaned to remove film and smudges
    • Formica topped desks, tables, etc., will be cleaned to remove film and smudges.
    • Wood desks, tables, etc. will be dusted and polished
    • Upholstered furniture is to be brushed
    • Vinyl furniture will be dusted and damp-wiped

Employee Rest Areas

  • Sinks, water coolers and food heating or preparation equipment will be cleaned.
  • Refrigerators and/or chillers, base and wall cabinets are to be damp wiped, outside only
  • Television sets and other equipment to be damp wiped and spots removed.


  • All partitions, tile ledges, paper towel, tissue, soap and toilet paper dispensers will be dusted with a chemically treated cloth.
  • All necessary paper towels, tissues, toilet paper and soap are to be replenished as required.  All paper and soap supplies will be furnished by the Borough.
  • All mirrors and bright work will be polished
  • All basins, bowls and urinals will be completely cleaned and sanitized inside and out.  This includes both sides of toilet seats
  • Empty and clean all waste receptacles.
  • All floors will be damp mopped with a germicidal detergent solution.

Storage Areas

  • Janitorial and other storage areas to be maintained in good order at all times.  They must conform to State mandate and contain an updated MSDS binder in the Janitorial Closet.


  • Edges and corners of carpeting will be hand-whisked to remove dust accumulation in areas not easily accessible by vacuum cleaners.
  • All light fixtures, ventilation, louvers, partitions, vertical blinds, etc., will be dusted.



  • High dusting not reached in daily cleaning, to include
  • Dusting all vertical surfaces, such as walls, partitions, doors, frames and wall hangings beyond normal reach of daily cleaning.
  • Dusting of all ventilating and air conditioning louvers, ducts and high moldings.
  • Dusting of exterior of all light fixtures.
  • Dusting of window frames


  • Resilient flooring shall be maintained by cleaning, every (2) weeks.  Work to be done on Saturday only.

Alternate 1.

Resilient flooring shall be maintained by waxing and polishing every month, Work to be done on a Saturday only.



November 22nd, 2017|